Mermaid InterNational Women Sailing Cup

The Cup has been organized since 2016 as the very first Women Sailing Cup in Turkey. It is organized under the umbrella of Turkish Sailing
Federation and became an International in 2020

The Cup’s mission is  to develop the interest and awareness of women for sailing, to create a supportive platform for new women sailors and to create public awareness.

By becoming International and reaching out global women sailors, Mermaid National Women Sailing Cup expands its mission.

On 2nd & 3rd of September 2023 — 8th Mermaid International Women’s Sailing Cup and On 25th of October 2023 — Mermaid Republic Cup

In the 100th year of the Turkish Republic, we aim to share the pride we feel with our women sailors and to support and motivate them.

Especially in the corporate arena, it is aimed to create a  platform that enhances the ability of women in business life to become a team, reach the target, become a worrior  against challenging conditions and unite with nature.

Furthermore, The Cup Supports gender equality.


Calender of the Cup

8th Mermaid International Women’s Sailing Cup
2nd & 3rd of September 2023

Mermaid Republic Cup
25th of October 2023